Learning To Lead:

Leadership Skills for 1st Time Managers

Leading your team for the first time is no easy task. Especially when you yourself is not confident on how to go about with it. In this module, we’ll train you in the basics of leadership skills and help to lead your team with confidence.

Learning Objectives:
- How Leadership and Management go hand-in-hand?
- How to enable Trust and Develop High Performing Teams?
- Managing Conflicts Effectively and Collaboratively
- Categorize workforce as per Skill/Will Matrix and Delegate Tasks
- How to Influence and keep a Team motivated everyday at workplace?
- Learning to handle crucial conversations and disagreements assertively


Communication Effectiveness

An effective communication increase the efficiency and is a skill every leader should possess. Noted leaders like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg have exhibited exemplary communication skills and were able to keep their staff motivated all the time. With this module, now you can too!

Learning Objectives:
- What does it mean to be an Effective Communicator at workplace?
- What are the 3 Vs of Communication Effectiveness?
- How to structure Information and Message Delivery?
- The benefits of Listening & practicing Listening Skills
- The Six Principles of Business Writing and Email Etiquette
- Handling Crucial Communication


Managing Conflicts

Conflict is inevitable, but how one manages it decides the outcome. A good manager can utlilize a conflict to his advantage and bring a conclusion to the differences of opinion.

Learning Objectives:
- What is Conflict? What are its causes and effects?
- The Four Steps to Conflict Resolution:
1. Analyzing Conflicts
2. Determining the Management Strategy
3. Collaborating
4. Handling Difficult people/situations
- Determining Conflict Management Strategies
- Collaborating and its essentials


Managing Time

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail is an age old saying and holds true to this day. As a leader, it’s important that you know how to plan your day and the activities to be able to manage your team. This module helps in learning the best practices and help improve your time management skills.

Learning Objectives:
- Practical Definitions for understanding value of Time
- Principles of Planning & Prioritizing
- Learn to apply Time Management Tools to improve efficiency
- Dealing with Time Stealers and Procrastination
- Principles of Scheduling


Interviewing Skills

Whether you are interviewing or being interviewed, it’s important to understand what the other person is thinking. A right question or a right answer can help you identify the suitable candidate or company to work with.

Learning Objectives:
- The Three Phase Interview Process
- Dos and Don’ts for Effective Interviewing
- Learning to create Competency Maps corresponding to Job Functions
- Practicing Questioning and Probing Skills to assess Competencies
- Interview Closure Process


Presentation Skills

It’s not just enough to come up with ideas, but you should be able to present them to the others as well. Many a times, brilliant ideas go unnoticed because the presenter was unable to convey it clearly to the audience. In this module, we impart tips, tricks and techniques to smash the next presentation you deliver.

Learning Objectives:
- The 3 Vs of Presenting
- Handling Nerves
- Preparing for & Structuring a Presentation
- Making PPTs & Visual Aids Impactful
- Handling Questions & Difficult Audience


Influencing Skills & Personal Impact

While we might not be aware, everyday we are involved in one negotiation or the other. Major ones would include business deals and salary negotiation, while minor would include negotiating with your child for TV watching time or a road side vendor. Perfecting this skill would help you climb the corporate ladder of success!

Learning Objectives:
- Rapport & its Importance/Learning to build Rapport with others
- Making an Impact & Influencing People
- Networking Skills
- Developing Behavioral Flexibility & a Personal Style
- Six Universal Principles of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini
- Being Assertive & Authentic


Training Trainers

Yes, even trainers need training to be able to impart knowledge to the trainees. The module is good for first time trainers and for those who would like to brush their basics..

Learning Objectives:
- Conducting Need Analysis
- Designing, Delivering and Assessing Programs & Sessions
- Structuring Training Sessions & Developing Content
- Designing Activities and Games
- The Art of Story Telling
- Applying the Four Level Kirk Patrick Method of Training Evaluation


Other Services

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